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hanya meluah segala buah fikiran yg agak kalut ... huhu .. dan meluahkn sglanyer dri sudut hati lieya .. lieya just want to be a simple person for everyone who know about me .. ngee ~!

teman-teman lieya

halimunan ??

salam ..
yup .. tue la yg lieya rse skrg nie ..
dyeorg nie wt lieya cam halimunan jer kt dlm blik nie ..
ntah la .. lieya pon x taw ape slh lieya kt dyeorg ..
hurmm .. bia jer la .. 
just leave me alone . 
angp jer lieya x prnh wujud kt cni ..
trse hati kowt ngn dyeorg nie ..
da slalu jer wt cmnie kt lieya ..

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