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hanya meluah segala buah fikiran yg agak kalut ... huhu .. dan meluahkn sglanyer dri sudut hati lieya .. lieya just want to be a simple person for everyone who know about me .. ngee ~!

teman-teman lieya

huh ~!

salam .. ~!
ngee ~!! perasaan brcelaru kowt skrg nie .. angin jer skrg nie .. nie sumer sal org arab yg agak la mmbuatkn lieya mnympah .. aduii ..
hurm .. need realese my temper n cool down with the arabic in here .. think that all of the cases that happens to me just one from my examination in this world .. be patient , lieya ..
everything will be fine , lieya ..
just think positive , lieya ..
by the way , family lieya esok insyaallah akn berangkat pulang ke tanah air dri tanah suci .. hope they all have a safe journey from there .. i'll always pray for them ..
next week dah start kuliah for this short sem .. aduii .. x ready la nk start bljr lg .. bnyk bnde nk kne pkr .. erk ?? bnyk ke ?? hehehe .. xde la bnyk sgt pon tp sje jer nk mmperbnykkn mmikir .. hehehe .. 
owh key , skrg nie ngah nk mmperabiskn citer korea Smile You .. lg ade 4 or 5 episodes jer lg .. 
2 ari lps chat ngn adik angkt , dini .. knowing what ? she said that lieya da matured .. hahaha .. funny la dini .. mne de matured .. lieya think lieya nie still lg cam bdak2 .. kanak2 ribena .. hehe .. but lieya think maybe da jd matured cket lps muhasabah dri about my last experience .. ermm .. that's what i know .. ngee ~!!
makin lame lieya tulis kt blog nie makin lieya merapu .. hahaha .. =P
but sure .. lieya nk kn something happy happens to me tomorrow n days after tomorrow ..
k la .. stop right here .. fullstop . =)